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Free business card templates from Canva

Are you looking for some free business card templates for your small business? I’ve found 28 awesome ones and they are all free designs!

Choosing a business card design is very important to the grab attention of potential customers as well as convey the right message and details about your brand or business.

All of the business card examples below are all available for free at the online design site, Canvaand they are all editable if you wish to change fonts, colors, graphics and so forth, as well as upload and add your business logo.

Free Minimalist Business Card Template

I love this free template on Canva because of its soothing blush background, readable calligraphy font and minimal text (more details are on the back side of the business card). This type of business card is perfect for a salon, clothing boutique, or beautician, where you just want to create a sleek and chic impression.

minimalist card designPortrait Business Card

A really great way for your business card to really grab attention is to turn it the other way, portrait style instead of landscape. I like this free template below, not only for this reason, but the dark background against a simple but bold graphic make this card an eye catcher. Great for any type of business, like a food business, beauty business or professional services.

free business card templates

Colorful Business Cards

I love this business card design below because it is so colorful and playful – perfect for a kids or baby business or for a graphic artist. You could simply change the colors to match your branding. Plus, I really love how large the name is in a whimsical lower case font. Related Content: 54 Business Ideas for 2022.

free business cards

Photo Business Card Template

This business card design below features a stylish way to incorporate a personal photo, which is necessary if you are the face of the business. These types of free business card templates are ideal for anyone offering professional services of any kind, especially real estate agents. Again, Canva has over 3,500 free business card templates, and at least a third of them have photos.

photo business card

Simple Graphic Business Card

Again, simplicity can be just as eye-catching as something busy. This type of free business card template, like the one below, feature a slightly faded black graphic (that you can swap out for your own) but the hand drawn nature gives it a home-spun feel. It’s the ideal business card for a kid’s business, meditation business, retail gift shop or maybe even a small coffee shop. Related content: How to Choose a Business Name.

free business card templates design

Free Restaurant Business Card Design

If you have a restaurant, food truck, catering, chef or other type of food product business, it does help to show the type of food. A clear professional photograph along with a positioning statement about the type of cuisine you offer is your best bet, as with this card design below. Related Content: Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas.

restaurant business card design

Bold Business Card Template

I love this design below because it is bold by using only one bright color against black and white, so it really pops. Plus, the simple graphic makes it obvious what the business is, without even having to mention it, but it is still a good idea to do so as they have done here. A great card for any kind of artistic type service. Related Content: Try This to Find a New Business Idea.

service card design

Photography Business Card

If you have any type of vintage business, whether it is a vintage store or restoration business, I love this card design below because it uses a black and white photo and a retro font to keep with the feel of the business. As such, it quickly conveys what you are selling. Related Content: 101 Small Business Promotional Ideas.

vintage store business card

Business Cards with Positioning Statement

This business card Below is very engaging because it makes use of an old school photo giving the essence that this writer has classic writing skills and is a true professional. The graph paper background adds a whimsical touch and then I like that they include a positioning statement about the business itself. It makes it feel a little more like an ad. Obviously, it is perfect for a writer, but you could sub out the photo for a hammer and make it for a contractor, or electrical wires and make it for an electrician.

copywriting service

Graphic Business Cards

This business card Below is fun, because anytime you use homey graphics like this and a familiar school house type font, you create a certain amount of comfort in the viewer. The customer might look at this business card and feel this is a builder they can trust. But you could also use this card for a house cleaning service or lawn care business as well.

builder construction card

Old School Business Cards

Right away I know what this business is for the card below, before I even read it. Framing the business name with traditional imagery that has represented the business for decades, and again using a retro font, makes you take notice. You could sub out the barber poles for symbolism of another type of classic profession, like a plumber, lawyer, leather crafter, etc.

barbershop business card design

Fun Business Card Designs

If you have a fun product, the card should be fun. This card for a cupcake bakery makes use of colorful sprinkles to grab attention. The reverse side of the business card is the turquoise blue, so either way it lands on a table, it catches the eye. Related Content: 12-Month Marketing Plan for an Online Bakery.

cupcake bakery business

Subtle Imagery Business Card

When the imagery on a card is subtle but clever, it really does make the business card more enticing. This is such a great design below for an actor (but would also be great for a theater) because the stage curtains and stars are so subtle.

theater business card

White Business Cards

A stark white card can be attention getting. This card design below for a beauty salon evokes a feeling of clean and fresh, with goes perfectly with their aesthetic. Simple imagery and a sleek handwritten font gives it a fairly timeless look.

free business card template beauty salon

Free Tone on Tone Business Card

There is something about a tone on tone, monochromatic business cards that really gets attention. This design below features a simple line graphic, the business name and a clear positioning statement.

free business card designs

Black and White Business Card

This is another black and white, minimalist design, and it suits the nature of this music studio business because it is clean and elegant. But another advantage to a black and white business card design is that your cards will be significantly cheaper to print. You could even print yourself.

black and white business card

Pretty Business Cards

It is important to think of your target market when designing your cards. This business card design below features a floral water-colour design for a wedding specialist. Obviously the target audience is women, so this card’s pretty design will definitely get noticed by them. The use of the rings is also a good idea, to quickly convey what the business is about. But this design could also be used for an artist or florist.

water color business card wedding planner

Detailed Business Card

What I like about this free business card template, is that all of the key information is on the front. You could duplicate this on the back as well, so whatever side appears always has your info, and no one has to turn it over. Related Content: Try This Trick to Find a New Business Idea.

detailed business card cheap

Photography Business Card

Here is another type of photo business card, but this time the photo has to do with what the business is selling. This sort of design has more of an Instagram overlay feel, making it right on trend. But you could do something similar for a craft business, or any type of business that uses small-scale supplies that you could take a photo of.

coffee shop business card

Cute Business Cards

Sometimes cute works, as in this card for a dental center below. If the dental center was specifically for children, this card design would be even more appropriate, with a smiling tooth that makes the dentist seem less scary. The bright blue color even has a nursery-type feel.

free dentist business card

One Color Business Card

This simplistic card below is one color, and the benefit of this is that one color business cards are much less expensive to print. This design is minimal, but it works by using a stylish hand written font, a basic sans serif font for the business name and a line graphic. Ideal for any kind of professional. Related Content: How Covid Hobbies are Turning Into Business Ideas.

one color business card

Free Floral Business Card

I love this business card design Because it uses only two colors, both in a vintage hue, but the bold floral design makes a big impact. Here it is for a textile designer, but it would be great for a boutique, florist, or artist.

floral business card template

Yoga Business Card

This is a well designed card, because it takes a classic symbol but only shows part of it, making more of an impact. The color combination is eye-catching as well. This is a great card for a yoga studio, herbalist, and meditation studio.

yoga business card

Cityscape Business Card

If your business focuses on your city, then a cityscape business card design like the one below is effective. This one creates a moody effective. It would be a great card for a restaurant with a view, an office park, a condominium, and an events company.

cityscape business card

Luxury Business Card

When you need to promote a luxury business, black and gold is always the way to go, like this business card template below. A simple line graphic will entice with all of the major particulars on the back.

luxury business

Floral Business Card

Again, if your target audience is women, a floral watercolor business card is hard to resist, like this card template here. Ideal for a wedding business, clothing store or spa.

floral watercolor business card

Loyalty Business Card

Another popular use for a business card is to also include a royalty card, which will save you creating two cards. Plus, they are more likely to hold onto this card.

loyalty rewards card

Unique Business Card Template

This is an interesting take on a business card template, because it doesn’t appear to be one. The statement is sure to intrigue people to look at the card, and then all of your information is on the back.

unique card

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