Great Co-Marketing Idea To Try for Mother’s Day

I love this co-marketing idea for Mother’s Day, between and

The idea is, instead of a gift, give mom an experience you can do together. So they are offering a flower arranging online workshop that runs on select dates throughout April up to Mother’s Day weekend.

Called the Pink & Pearl Workshop, prior to the 45-minute streaming event, attendees will receive a premier selection of farm-fresh flowers, a vase, and a banana ribbon to create their floral arrangement. The cost is $72 per person, and that includes supplies.

But this idea can apply to so many other businesses. A restaurant could offer a Mother’s Day mom/child cooking class, for example. A fitness center could offer a Mother’s Day mom/child workout class.

The possibilities are endless because Mother’s Day is big business, with Americans spending $28 billion each year.

The added benefit is that both companies are reaching new customers through their partners’ customer base.

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