Let’s Go Zero: Ikea launches competition to help schools become more sustainable

A competition that encourages children to design initiatives that help make their school more sustainable has today been launched by furniture giant Ikea.

Dubbed Let’s Go Zero, the competition is a partnership with a campaign of the same name which brings together environmental organizations to help UK schools deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2030. IKEA has pledged to develop and install four winning designs put forward by school pupils across the country.

Competition entries will be judged by a panel from IKEA and climate solutions charity Ashden, which coordinates the Let’s Go Zero campaign.

“At IKEA, we’re committed to making healthy and sustainable living accessible and affordable for the many while inspiring the next generation,” said Marsha Smith, country representative retail manager at IKEA Group. “Small simple changes can have a huge impact, whether that’s introducing more plant-based menus or launching a uniform swap shop. We can’t wait to see the projects and ideas that will help make schools more sustainable, while inspiring all ages to tackle the climate crisis.”

The initiative follows data survey showing 80 per cent of five- to 16-year-olds want to make changes to help combat climate change at school, with almost two thirds keen to learn more about sustainability.

Ikea said the research showed youngsters were “somewhat savvy” around how to become more sustainable, with six in 10 saying sustainability is important to them and over a third claiming they know more about sustainability than their parents. The research also revealed that 87 per cent of children between the age of five and 16 recycle their rubbish, three quarters make sure to turn off the lights when they are not needed, and over a half have a shower instead of a bath.

“The IKEA Let’s Go Zero Competition is a wonderful way for children to create exciting projects to help make their schools more sustainable and then see them brought to life,” said Alex Green, schools lead at Let’s Go Zero.

Entries for the competition are now open ahead of a deadline of Thursday 30 June.


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