‘Flawed and Unlawful’: Campaigners advance legal challenge to ‘inadequate’ Net Zero Strategy

The government’s efforts to decarbonise the UK economy are “inadequate and unlawful”, according to a legal challenge against its Net Zero Strategy (NZS) which is now set for its day in court. Three campaign groups – Friends of the Earth, ClientEarth, and the Good Law Project – mounted separate challenges questioning the legality of the … Read more

Petrochemical sector handed $759 billion estimate for net zero transition

BloombergNEF report says investment in electrification and carbon capture and storage could slash emissions across the petrochemical industry Is it possible to fully decarbonise the global petrochemicals industry? It is a crucial question given the sector’s out-sized carbon footprint and critical role in so many global supply chains. And the answer, according to a major … Read more

'Wildly irresponsible': How top banks could be risking billions on the petrochemicals industry

ClientEarth and FairFin claims world’s top banks are exposing themselves to major stranded asset risk by backing major petrochemicals projects Scores of the world’s biggest banks are exposing themselves to massive stranded asset risks by continuing to invest tens of billions of Euros in petrochemicals companies such as INEOS and Borealis, which produce plastics from … Read more