Going The Distance: Gridserve and Moto open latest set of high powered EV chargers

Electric vehicle (EV) charging giant Gridserve has this week opened new High Power Electric Super Hubs at the Moto Heston Westbound and Moto Severn View service stations, as it continues to rapidly expand its network across the UK’s motorway network. The Moto Heston Westbound site now hosts 11 High Power Chargers, delivering up to 350kW … Read more

Investor groups warn government against adding natural gas to ‘Green Taxonomy’

The bosses of three leading investor groups have published an open letter to the UK government expressing strong opposition to the possible inclusion of natural gas projects in the UK’s proposed ‘Green Taxonomy’. The planned ‘Green Taxonomy’ aims to mirror a similar EU move to establish a common framework for defining which investments and assets … Read more