Agribusiness Task Force: Sustainable Markets Initiative launches new regenerative agriculture push

The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) will today formally launch a new Agribusiness Task Force, designed to bring together CEOs from across the food and agricultural sector and leading experts in the expanding sustainable farming sector to explore how to establish regenerative agriculture as the “predominant agricultural system in the world”. The SMI – which was … Read more

Greener wheat: Nestle launches new regenerative farming initiative

Shredded Wheat could soon be produced for breakfast tables across the UK using innovative low carbon and regenerative agricultural practices, thanks to a major new initiative from food giant Nestlé. Nestlé Cereals today announced the launch of its Nestlé Wheat Plan, which it described as an “innovative sustainable farming initiative through which the business is … Read more

Reality check: How's the transition to regenerative agriculture going'

Growing numbers of businesses want to promote regenerative in their supply chains, but as Theresa Lieb agriculture discovers, many of the farmers that want to embrace more sustainable practices are huge challenges This article originally appeared as part of our Food Weekly newsletter. Subscribe to get sustainability food news in your inbox every Thursday. Regenerative … Read more