Time Management Tip: Dedicate Certain Days for Certain Tasks

When you’re a small business owner, you have a variety of daily tasks from product fulfillment to marketing to accounting to customer services, it goes on and on.

So what does your typical work week look like, and is it possible to tackle it in a different way so that you work more effectively?

For example, instead of trying to do a bit of everything every day, why not establish certain days for certain tasks:

  • Maybe Monday you focus on marketing, creating all of your social media posts for the week, your blog posts for the week, sending out publicity pitches, etc.
  • Tuesdays, you focus on development of new products and services.
  • Wednesdays, you focus on improving your SEO.
  • Thursdays, you focus on administrative tasks.
  • Fridays, you focus on finances, cost cutting, revenue building, etc.

Obviously, you have certain tasks that have to be done every day, but maybe some of these other tasks that have to do with growing and maintaining the business, can be divided up by days of the week. This way you can focus more effectively on the one thing you have to do that day.

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