United Signs Deal for 300M Gallons of SAF

United Airlines and its United Airlines Ventures investment arm have signed an agreement with Dimensional Energy to purchase at least 300 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over 20 years, the airline announced Wednesday.

Dimensional Energy’s technology converts carbon dioxide and water into usable ingredients for the Fischer-Tropsch process, which is used to produce fuels from coal or methane, but Dimensional will use it to produce SAF, according to United.

United has committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050 without the use of traditional carbon offsets. The carrier in May committed to purchase more than 50 million gallons of SAF from Neste and in March invested in Cemvita Factory to begin research and development efforts to bioengineer microbes to create SAF. United in December 2021 purchased an equity stake in hydrogen-electric engine developer ZeroAvia and in Septemberagreed to purchase up to 1.5 billion gallons of SAF paired with an investment in Alder Fuels. United also is an investor in Fulcrum BioEnergy and has an option to purchase up to 900 million gallons of SAF, according to the company.

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