Zipair drops “Z” tailfin livery – Business Traveller

Japan Airlines’ low-cost subsidiary Zipair Tokyo has taken the decision to revamp its tailfin livery, to avoid any confusion with a pro-Russian war symbol.

The carrier’s B787 tailfins currently carry the letter “Z”, a symbol which has also been used in recent months by Russian forces, politicians and individuals as a sign of support for the war in Ukraine.

While Zipair’s press release did not mention the conflict, reports that Shingo Nishida – the airline’s president – felt that changing the tailfin livery “would help Zipair’s passengers to feel less uneasy and more welcomed, knowing that the airline is not pro-Russia”.

The “Z” will be replaced by a geometric pattern in the carrier’s green, black, gray and white colours.

The change will be actioned in two stages, with aircraft seeing a decal placed over the offending letter in the short-term, followed by Zipair’s fleet receiving a fresh paint job between December 2022 and spring 2023.

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